Increase revenue for your Shopify Store


Alice Commerce enables merchants increase revenue with a multi-channel bot that engages with your customers every second of every day!

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Meet Alice


An intelligent agent for your store who can interact with your customers, handle their questions and provide recommendations.

Alice takes over customer service


Alice listens to your customer and serves their requests in the language of your brand, saving you from answering the same old questions every time.

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On Multiple Channels


Alice listens and communicates over the Web, SMS and Facebook Messenger.

With Your Supervision


Alice notifies when a conversation isn't moving as desired, so you can swoop in and take over seamlessly.

Alice engages with your customers


You can understand your audience better through Alice, and run targeted campaigns for a variety of scenarios, helping you convert the experience to a sale.

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Understand your audience


Alice provides a way to create audience lists for targeting

Run Campaigns


Create and run a variety of campaigns through Alice.

Alice reflects your brand


Alice has a persona but is truly customizable to your brand's needs. You can configure Alice visually and functionally to suit your brand and store.

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Truly Customizeable


You can customize Alice's avatar and Alice's responses about your brand.


Create and run a variety of campaigns through Alice.

Alice can talk to your customers across channels


Alice talks to your customers by living on your store's website, your store's Facebook page and a unique phone number.

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Alice Commerce is Free


Alice Commerce’s Starter Plan is free. Forever. We believe in helping small businesses grow and succeed. Your business will always be our top priority.

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