The complete marketing platform for your Shopify store


Alice Commerce serves, engages and promotes your store and brand in the best way possible.



Alice will engage with your customers 24/7, no matter how busy your team is.


Reduce repetitive tasks for your team and ensure fast, personal answers for customers.


Simplify your inbox. Respond to questions across channels—all from the same help desk.


Quick handover to a human agent for complex queries.

Personalized Campaigns


Alice lets your customers experience the power of Digital Marketing through personalized marketing campaigns.


Announce new features with targeted messages and drive adoption.


Target people based on behaviours, data from Segment, and more.


Send a personalized series of messages to onboard new customers.



Alice seamlessly handles many customer conversations with a customizable personality for on-brand interactions.

Self Service

Let customers resolve their own queries, in your brand voice.


Train Alice using examples from your previous conversations.

Question Prompts

Prompt questions and conversations for faster resolutions.

Channels & Integrations


Alice talks to your customers by living on your store's website, your store's Facebook page, Facebook Messenger and a unique phone number.



Installing Alice on your Shopify store is a one click process. You can activate and deactivate Alice at the click of a button.



Alice responds on a phone number that is dedicated to your store.

Facebook Page


You can add Alice to your store's Facebook page and manage posts and reply to comments.

Facebook Messenger


Alice can also respond to direct messages on your Facebook Page.