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Setting up your Store on Alice Commerce


Before Alice can go live on your store, a few details need to be provided by you. Let’s get you started right away!

Setting up your store on Alice Admin

Once you register, you will be redirected to the Dashboard. Click on the ‘Setup’ button; you will be navigated to Store where you need to fill in basic store details before Alice can be activated on your store.
Store details are important. These are required for Alice to introduce your store when asked by a customer, and to brand your store while sending promotions.
Once you enter the store details, don’t forget to save it. Done! Now you are all set to host Alice on your store.

Activating Alice for your store

Now that the store is set up, let’s have Alice engaging with your customers right away!
On the Dashboard tab, you’ll see a green button. Click on it to have Alice activated on your store page.
Navigate to your store page to check if the chatbot is operational. Refresh the page if you still don’t see the pulsating chat plugin on the bottom right corner. Go on, buzz her!


1. I am unable to Activate agent through the dashboard.
You need to activate alice manually. Please follow the instructions provided here
2. The dashboard shows that my agent is active but I can't see Alice on my store.
Click on DEACTIVATE agent and activate Alice manually with the instructions provided here.